Teachers in the Northern Territory are among the highest paid in Australia, with a salary range of $69,801 – $100,104.

As well as a competitive salary, you’ll receive generous allowances, including recreation leave, personal leave, superannuation and leave loading.

Classroom teachers and senior teachers in the NT are paid based on their years of experience. A new graduate commences at the CT1 salary then progresses one increment each year until they reach CT9.

Read more about teacher rates of pay and conditions of employment by years of service.

Relocation costs

If you’re relocating to or within the NT for a teaching role of longer than six months, you may be eligible for help with relocation and storage costs.

If your role is for a shorter period, the department may assist with some expenses, such as a fare and luggage allowance.


When you become a teacher in the NT, your orientation will give you all the information you need about the department, our schools and their communities.

The orientation has a strong focus on cross-cultural learning and how this affects your work in the Northern Territory.

Career advancement

We encourage you to advance your teaching career by applying for roles of senior teacher, assistant principal and principal.
These vacancies are regularly advertised for positions throughout the Territory.
See www.jobs.nt.gov.au

Professional learning

As an NT teacher, you’ll have access to a wide range of professional learning programs.


All NT teachers receive a laptop for the duration of their employment. This up-to-date technology gives you flexibility in preparing and delivering lessons. We are one of the few jurisdictions that do this at no cost to the teacher.


NT teachers can access paid or unpaid leave for a variety of reasons. You’ll accrue up to six weeks of recreation leave every year. Teachers aren’t required to work during the school holidays, but you can choose to undertake some professional learning or prepare lessons in this time.

See full details on your leave entitlements here.

Work–life balance

Ensuring our teachers have a healthy work-life balance is important.

We offer our teachers a number of options in this space:

  • part-time work
  • job sharing

Four-wheel drive training

Teachers working in or regularly travelling to remote locations and who need to drive a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle are given professional 4WD training.

You can do the 4WD training when you start your employment, through the teacher orientation program or by requesting it with your occupational health and safety consultant.

Remote teaching benefits

Teachers in the remote areas of the Territory are paid extra benefits.

Read more about remote teaching benefits here.