General Conditions

Recreation Leave6 weeks
Stand down (school holidays)6 weeks
Personal leave (sick leave)3 weeks
Emergency leave3 days
Compassionate leave3 days
Length of service Paid leaveMaximum period of leave
(including paid and unpaid)
Less than 12 months Nil 1 year
At least 1 year and less than 5 years 14 weeks 3 years
At least 5 years 18 weeks 3 years
Length of service Paid leave Maximum period of leave
(including paid and unpaid)
Less than 12 months Nil 3 weeks (52 weeks if primary carer)
At least 1 year and less than 5 years 1 week3 weeks (3 years if primary carer)
At least 5 years 2 weeks 3 weeks (3 years if primary carer)

Teacher probation is a 12 month assessment of work performance (including conduct, performance and attendance). Probation applies to all ongoing ‘permanent’ teacher appointments and fixed term appointments of more than 20 weeks (one semester).

The NT Government offers all employees and their family free access to its counselling service: the Employee Assistance Program. The program includes six independent psychology and counselling providers.

As an NT teacher, you and your immediate family members can have up to three free confidential counselling sessions each to help with workplace or personal issues.

Counselling can help with:

  • emotional difficulties
  • grief
  • relationship and family concerns
  • career/work-related matters
  • interpersonal conflict
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • alcohol and drug issues
  • gambling and other addictions.

Salary (PER ANNUM)

Classroom Teachers and Senior Teachers are paid according to their years of experience in the teaching profession. A new graduate commences at the CT1 salary, then progresses one increment each year until they reach CT9.

Head to the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment for more information regarding rates of pay.

LevelSalaryHourly RateDaily Rate
Tier 1$69,801$55.75$334.50
Tier 2$73,302
Tier 3$76,804$61.35

The NT’s Rapid Incremental Progression of Salary scheme allows beginning  teachers to apply to progress through the standard teacher salary increment levels faster.

Under the scheme, a beginning teacher has the opportunity to move to the CT4 level at the start of their third year of teaching when they’ve done extra professional learning and/or study and they meet the eligibility criteria.


Teacher in Special School/teachers of special class
Teacher in Charge (TIC) of a one teacher school with Primary classes$4,447
TIC of a preschool with one teacher$2,150
TIC of a preschool with more than one teacher$4,447

Relocation assistance is available to employees who are appointed for more than six months.

If you are appointed for under six months, the department may assist with some expenses including a fare and luggage allowance.

Relief teachers travelling to Middle Point, Berry Springs, Humpty Doo and Taminmin schools in the Palmerston and rural region (40–65 km from Darwin city) will receive a travel allowance.

You’ll be reimbursed a per-kilometre allowance for the return distance between the Coolalinga traffic lights on the Stuart Highway and the school or paid an allowance of $30, whichever is greater.

Remote employment conditions

Remote Incentive Allowance$1,153 - $8,794
Remote Retention Payment$500 - $1,000
Special Remote Study Leave2 – 5 points
Fares out of isolated localities 2 – 3 fares
Rental Concession 100%
Business DaysUp to four days per year


Teachers who live and work in a remote location receive two allowances:

  • a fortnightly Remote Incentive Allowance, which helps offset the cost of freight to remote areas and to account for the professional isolation
  • an annual Retention Payment, paid in a lump sum to teachers who complete 12 months of continuous service in the remote location.

When you teach in remote localities in the Northern Territory, you will accumulate credit points toward special study leave.  When you accumulate 20 credit points, you may apply to be considered for one semester of study leave on full pay, or two semesters on half pay.

CategoryPoints accrued per annum
Special category2 points
Category 12 points
Category 23 points
Category 35 points

Teachers in remote locations who live in accommodation supplied by the Department of Education receive a 100% rental concession.

Teachers and their dependents in remote areas of the NT can access free airfares to either Darwin or Alice Springs.

The entitlement is called FOIL: fares out of isolated locations. Depending on the location, teachers will receive either two or three FOILs per year.

A kilometre allowance may be paid instead for teachers who drive their own vehicle instead of flying.

Teachers working in or regularly travelling to remote locations and who need to drive a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle are given professional 4WD training.

You can do the 4WD training when you start your employment, through the teacher orientation program or by requesting it with your occupational health and safety consultant.

Up to four business days are available for employees to take leave from work to access services not available in the remote community where they are living and teaching.

After three years of employment in a remote location, classroom teachers are eligible for a guaranteed transfer to Darwin, Katherine or Alice Springs.