As a teacher in a remote Territory school, you will be working with some of the most committed and innovative educators in Australia. You’ll deliver high-quality, innovative education programs to a diverse range of students, including many Aboriginal students with English as a second or even third language.

Special connections

Remote teaching allows you to collaborate with and learn from likeminded professionals.

A special part of teaching in remote areas of the NT is the chance to work closely with local Aboriginal assistant teachers. Many teachers say this is an enriching career-first opportunity that helps build strong team-teaching skills.

You’ll have both teaching and learning opportunities that will challenge your skills while inspiring and strengthening your teaching practices.

Challenging but rewarding

Teaching in a very remote school is a commitment. It is not for everyone. It’s hard work, and the conditions can be challenging.

But it can also be immensely rewarding, and there are many before you who say it’s a highlight of their teaching career.

In return, you’ll gather a unique teaching and life experience in one of the world’s most diverse environments.

There are also many incentives for teachers in remote NT schools. Read more here.

Are you remote ready?

Download our Remote Teachers guide 28 pages of practical, useful information for people thinking about or preparing to live and teach in a remote Northern Territory community. The content is based on the advice, experiences and learnings of past and present remote Northern Territory educators.

The NT Government’s BushTel website has excellent information about living and working in remote NT locations. It has profiles on 76 NT communities, remote travel tips and advice on community engagement.