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Employment eligibility for Australian working visa holders

To apply to teach in the Northern Territory (NT) you need to: 

  • be a qualified classroom teacher i.e. Bachelor or Master's degree in education. You can check this by contacting the Teacher Registration Board of the NT or AITSL
  • hold the appropriate working rights i.e. permanent resident, Australian citizen or current working visa. For working visa requirements, please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website. To gain permanent employment in the NT, you must prove permanent residency or be an Australian citizen. 
  • Your application should consist of a current curriculum vitae and at least two recent referees (at principal or assistant principal level). If you are a graduate, referee reports are not required. Instead, graduate teachers should upload their final practicum report, also known as professional experience placement report. 

Upon commencement of employment as a teacher, you will be required to hold current: 

Application submission 

There are three ways a teacher can apply to teach in the NT. 

Join the teacher sourcing pool: 

The sourcing pool enables a teacher to submit one application and be considered by schools for existing and upcoming teaching positions. To apply, register an account and complete the online application form. 

Upon receipt of your application, the Talent Attraction and Recruitment team will check your details, teaching preferences, supporting documents and contact your referees to determine your suitability for the sourcing pool.  

Once you are active in the teacher sourcing pool, schools across the NT can use the system to find teachers suitable for their vacancies. 

Apply for an advertised vacancy: 

To view current advertised positions, go to the NT Government Employment Opportunities website.   

When submitting your application, include a current curriculum vitae and a one-page cover letter. 

Contact a school directly: 

If you want to work in a specific school, you can contact the school directly to express your interest. This can be done via email or phone. Make sure your resume is current and ready to send, including your referee details.  

View our current classroom teaching vacancies

For information about school contact details, visit the Education Directory

Once you have accepted an offer of employment, you will be required to provide your previous classroom teaching statements of service to the Talent Attraction and Recruitment team to determine your correct salary level. Please contact the Talent Attraction and Recruitment team for further information –