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National teacher certification uses the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to make rigorous judgements regarding the certification of teachers at the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) career stages. Classroom teachers who attain HALT certification are proven leaders of excellence in teaching and demonstrate a commitment to high quality, high impact teaching and learning for improved student outcomes.

The Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory (TRBNT) is the certifying authority for HALT in the NT. Information on HALT certification is available on TRBNT website.


Leaders of school and system improvement

The NT Department of Education (department) supports career development and recognises teaching expertise aligned to the highest national teaching standards. Effective classroom teachers contribute to a culture of learning among staff and enable quality teaching to have an impact across colleagues, schools and the system.

As expert teachers and school leaders, HALTs are key members of department reference committees and working parties, providing opportunities to directly influence system reform and gain experience engaging in system-level decision making.


Recognition and reward

In recognition of significant contributions and impact, certified HALTs employed in department schools in classroom teaching (CT) positions receive an allowance paid on a fortnightly basis as stated in the NTPS Non-contract Principals, Teachers and Assistant Teachers 2021 – 2024 Enterprise Agreement.


As of: 

  • highly accomplished teachers will receive an annual allowance of $12,812
  • lead teachers will receive an annual allowance of $26,828.