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Northern Territory (NT) government schools provide university students with an opportunity to gain quality teaching experience through professional experience placements. Placements can lead to fulfilling and exciting teaching careers in the NT.

How to apply for a professional experience placement

If you are studying at an interstate university and wish to express interest in a professional experience placement in an NT government school, please complete the below form applicable to your circumstances. 

Email completed forms to 

Working with children clearance (Ochre card)

Everyone who works in an NT school must hold a current working with children clearance (Ochre card) or have an exemption.

Apply for your Ochre card through SafeNT.

Finished your placement

When you have completed your professional experience placement, the department might contact you to ask you for some feedback about your experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Who is eligible to undertake a professional experience placement in the NT?

You are eligible if you are currently studying a higher education teaching or education degree and are required to undergo a placement in a school context as a part of your studies.

What are the requirements I need to complete before I commence my placement?

Prior to commencement, you must confirm your placement with the host school you are intending to go to and hold a valid working with children clearance (Ochre card) issued by SafeNT.

Where can I complete my placement?

You can nominate any NT school as a preferred location to complete your placement. You should take into consideration the costs involved, such as, travel and living away from home expenses to ensure you are able to fulfil the professional experience requirements.

How can I find out about schools and communities in the NT?

Please refer to our schools and teaching in remote areas for more information.

Will the department organise my professional experience placement for me?

If your university does not offer assistance in organising placements within the NT and you wish to organise your placement independently please contact the Workforce Partnerships and Engagement team via email to You will be asked to complete an expression of interest which will be referred to potential host schools.

Does the department pay for and organise my transportation if I am coming from interstate or going to a remote school?

Costs for flights are at your expense and it is your responsibility to ensure you have booked flights to and from your placement location. It is best to speak to your university about any financial assistance, scholarships or grants they may offer.

Some remote locations may be located several hours away from a major airport and require vehicle transportation to be organised. You should liaise with your university and/or principal about this.

Does the department organise my accommodation if I am located away from home for my placement?

It is your responsibility to ensure your accommodation is organised. You should liaise with your university and/or principal to discuss if they offer any support and assistance.

Will I get paid for undertaking my placement in the NT?

You are prohibited from accepting any payments on placement.

What orientation and support will I receive during my placement?

Every student is provided an orientation to their placement school. This is a mandatory requirement that is offered before or on commencement. Orientation is organised by the principal of the host school.

A teacher-mentor will be organised by the principal to support you for the duration of your placement.

What happens at the end of my placement? Will the department contact me?

The department may contact you to seek feedback on your experience and discuss potential teaching opportunities available to you in the NT after successful completion of your studies. You can also contact the Teacher Attraction team at any time to discuss future employment opportunities.

Are there employment opportunities with the department after my placement and/or studies?

There is the opportunity to gain employment with us once you have completed your studies. Some students have previously been offered a teaching position by their placement school. You can contact the Teacher Attraction team to discuss future employment opportunities or visit the How to Apply-Graduates page.

What happens if I get sick or an unforeseen emergency occurs and I am unable to complete the placement?

Depending on the circumstances you may be granted a change of date during or prior to your placement. Changes to placement dates can occur for a variety of reasons, including illness.